About us

RiaCab, AAAA Technologies LLC company, is a smart application connector that connects our customers with our car/cab service provider partners. Our application is transforming the Taxi, Car Pool, Local (by duration), Out of Station (by duration), Shuttle and FIXED rate type car/cab rental booking experiences for our customer like you, by connecting them to those service providers. Our customers can place a request for pickup through our application and get everything related to their pickup and drop-off at their finger tips, quickly. Our goal is to provide convenient and reliable mode of car/cab booking need to our customers. Our promise is to give you clear upfront pricing, more reliability and transparency. On the other hand our service partner get access to many more RiaCab customers. By using our app, vehicle owners can manager their vehicle (s) and driver (s) from one app. They would be able to handle book and future date/time (book later) type booking. On top of that our services to our service partners are absolutely FREE (with less than 5% commission ONLY when we get business to you). They get FREE android/apple app for their use. They get FREE android/apple app for their DRIVER(s) to use. We always want our customer and drivers to have a great experience and full satisfaction with our service. That's why we have the RiaCab’s Commitment. If you used RiaCab’s Commitment service and were disappointed by your experience, contact us during your ride and tell us about your experience. We'll work with you and the driver to make it everything all right. Your complete and 100% satisfaction is our goal and always guaranteed. We will do everything at our end to make you happy with our service.